Deadpool – One Man Army is an epic superhero song composed by Dustin Crenna and is featured on a collaboration album called Audio Comic Universe: Volume One where 12 composers come together to create 23 unique comic-based tracks titled after their respective superhero. Deadpool – One Man Army is one song featured on Audio Comics with a combination of saxophones and a rockin beat that gives it a 4 minute and 23 seconds worth of pure toughness and grittiness feel.

Although the track lacks a clear and defining melody, I can imagine One Man Army finding it’s niche as a background track in a movie or commercial of some sort whether that’s creating a manly truck commercial featuring lots of mud and Denis Leary doing the voiceover or even shooting an epic battle scene for an upcoming movie.

I highly recommend taking a look at the entire album to listen to more of their awesome music. Audio Comic Universe: Volume One features 23 tracks and is composed by 12 different artists from around the world who have come together for a worthy cause. Costing only $5 to buy their album, each of the money is directly donated to Capes 4 Heroes which is a non-profit organization which makes personalized capes for kids with disabilities, with life threatening illnesses, or simply those who need to feel empowered.

You can visit their album page here

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