Have you ever wanted to make your very own battle music compilation and get a lot of views? It’s surprisingly easy to make a music mix and building up a decent amount of views isn’t difficult but there are several things you should know before beginning the process of composing an epic music mix such as what makes a good mix, how to maximize audience retention, how to generate views for your compilation, and other important steps.

Below is an in-depth guide on how to make the best and totally badass compilation in the history of the universe. Take it from Spikedude55 (that’s me) who in March of 2013, released his very first battle music compilation to Youtube and got 30k views in one month and 1 million views in a year and went from 22 to 3k subscribers in a short period of time.

What You Need…

It is recommended that you start off with a 1 hour mix as this is the standard for epic music compilations. You will need anywhere from 15-18 songs that would be considered epic or trailer music and they all have to add up to about an hour long. It’s generally not a good idea to include songs with vocals or that has nothing to do with epic music (such as I love you by Barney) unless it’s for comedic purposes. You will also need images for each corresponding song that is playing. Images do matter and they need to be appropriate for the mood. (No random guy sitting on the toilet, as an epic song is playing. Unless you consider taking a massive shit epic.)

The ideal mix is usually anywhere from 45 to 1 hour and 15 minutes long because if it’s too short, it will leave users wanting more and if it’s too long, your viewers will get sick and tired of listening to battle music for 2 hours straight and leave and as a result, your audience retention will be low. Because let’s be honest here, not a lot of people are going to listen to a 3 hour music mix the whole way through unless they’re hardcore fans or they listen to music mixes when they’re falling asleep.

The key to making a good mix is maximizing audience retention (the amount of time someone stays on your video before leaving) One way to do this is to make sure that your compilation isn’t too long and consists of good quality songs.

How to song format your compilation to maximize audience retention…

The best compilations not only have a good number of epic songs but they are formatted correctly to where you are carefully thinking about where to place your songs in the mix. For instance, let’s just say you’re making an epic music compilation and you have a ton of fast-paced songs and slow songs and all of your slow songs are being played first while your fast-paced songs are all pushed near the end, your users will get bored fast and leave because nobody wants to listen to slow songs for a full 20 minutes if they’re on a battle music compilation. This is an example of bad song formatting.

The best compilations have a combination of fast-paced songs that our diverse in the way they sound and slow songs with a good melody and they’re intertwined as to where users will not get bored listening to the same thing over and over. Here’s a tip on how to know if you made a bad song choice or if users are getting bored. If you browse the analytics of your mix and head over to audience retention and there’s a sudden spike down in percentage, then you know that you made a poor song choice.

The first four songs of your compilation matter the most as this will often determine whether or not users will decide to stay or get bored and leave. So generally speaking, you’ll want to put your best and most fast-paced songs near the front. I recommend using Two Steps From Hell because not only are they very well-known but they arguably produce the best melodies. And a fast-paced tune with a catchy melody is often a good opening song.

When you do add a slow song, (an example of a slow song is blackheart by Two Steps From Hell) make sure you’re not adding two in a row and your first one should ideally be after five or six songs. I highly recommend choosing slow songs that have a strong melody. A couple of good ones you might consider would be Sereneta Immortale by Immediate Music, Blackheart by Two Steps From Hell, Star Sky by Two Steps From Hell, After The Fall by Two Steps From Hell, or any of John Dreamer’s tracks.

Now that iv’e uploaded a compilation, how am I supposed to get views?!

Unless you have more than 20k subs, most of your views for a compilation or mix will come from Youtube searches as your subscribers alone will not generate you enough views. And you be starting from scratch as well just like I did when I only had 22 subscribers.

First of all, you need to come up a catchy name that includes keywords that users may be searching for when they’re looking for epic compilations on Youtube. An example title might include 1 hour of epic battle music montage. Secondly you need to make sure that you include tags that are relevant to your video. Both of these will increase the chance that you’re in the top 3 pages of relevant searches that users are looking for thus increasing your view count.

If you want to build a giant subscriber base, then you’ll have to release a compilation about once every 6 months and release individual tracks. Not to mention coming up with a cool and catchy Youtube channel name.

I wish you all the best of luck. Now that iv’e helped you and given you tips on how to make your own compilation, I hope you will subscribe to my youtube channel Spikedude55 and come listen to my compilations. Here is the link.

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