After a surprisingly successful first one hour battle music compilation which managed to amass an impressive 1 million views in 1 year, I began to work on a second most epic battle music ever mix in the fall of 2014 after several requests to do so.  So I went on Youtube and began listening to listening to compilation after compilation and wrote down the songs that I thought were epic and kickass to use for my next mix.

One song I added to troll my viewers was I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor in the middle of the mix at 28:25 complete with a question mark image. Hey, I will survive is epic right?  I mean, imagine you’re playing Call of Duty zombies and you’re trying to survive wave 50 and I will survive comes on.  That seems pretty epic to me.   As a result, half of the comments in my video mention I will survive somehow.  Here is some of the youtube comment reactions.


  1. Doing my homework I heard “I will Survive” and I thought “WTF something goes wrong here” xD
  2. I will survive=epic battle music. Really???
  3. XD That I will survive at 28:25 was great i just broke out dancing XD GG Frickn GG!
  4. I started hearing the middle song, so I stopped writing (what I was doing at the time) and saw the question mark on the screen. I died X’D
  5. is that a joke?? about the “i will survive”. really? is that how it should be? get some dancing while crazy fighting on the battlefield? let both our side and enemy have some rest is that right? LOL!



Unfortunately, my second mix wasn’t as popular as my first but it still currently has nearly 500k views which is still a respectable number.


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