Introducing the greatest and most epic Immediate Music songs of all time. Over the years, Yoav Goren and Jeffrey Fayman have produced their fair share of epic songs from the emotional yet dramatic Sereneta Immortale to the fast paced Mercurial. When it comes to battle tunes, Immediate Music rivals that of Two Steps From Hell over who is the greatest composer in the industry.

So without further ado, here is the Top 12 Immediate Music songs OF ALL TIME!!


12. Crusade

Starting off on the list is a relatively unknown song with a combined total of only around 375,000 views. With a strong and catchy vocal melody combined with a signature snare drum beat, Crusade sounds a lot like you’re marching into battle with whatever your legion consists of whether it’s stormtroopers, stealth bombers, or even that excessive amount of pidgeys and rattatas you caught on Pokemon Go.  Crusade would be ranked higher if it weren’t for it’s relatively mellow tone and very little views compared to other powerhouses.


11. Mercurial

Beginning with a dramatic vocal chorus, Mercurial starts off slow with lyrics sung in Latin. One would think that Mercurial isn’t going to be very epic based on the start of the song but at the 1 minute mark, it transitions into a strong and fast paced beat which makes you REALLY want to charge into any battle you lay your eyes on.


10. Darkness On The Edge of Power

Darkness On The Edge of Power wastes no time immediately introducing you to it’s epic vocals combined with it’s strong drumline. It’s a simple song yet very powerful to your ears.


9. Imperium

This is one of those track where you feel like it’s a combination of two different songs. Nevertheless, it has a nice blend of uniqueness mixed with an epic motivational second half.

It starts off with violins and almost has a desert feel to it and begins to slowly build up until the halfway point where it changes keys and introduces us to another song.


8. Sanctus Immortale

Sanctus Immortale incorporates rock, vocals, and a dope beat to create a distinctive yet epic song and is perhaps one of the more underrated songs that Immediate Music has produced. Sanctus Immortale is worthy enough for any compilation that you may intend to produce. (Just don’t forget to subscribe to Epic Music Prophet first!)


7. Tales of the Electric Romeo

A remix of electric romeo, Immediate Music has a habit of taking songs they’ve already made and remixing them, making the song longer and adding additional side melodies.

It’s something you would listen to before the start of a battle or competition to get you motivated such as if your team is going to the Superbowl.  How about them Chiefs?   No?  I guess not then…


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