1. Two Steps From Hell

Notable Songs: Heart of Courage, To Glory, Protectors of the Earth.
Notable Albums: SkyWorld, Power of Darkness, Invincible, Battlecry

Two Steps From The Hell is one of the best producers of trailer music and epic music out there. Founded in 2006 by Thomas J. Bergersen and Nick Phoenix, the company is based in Los Angeles and has since gained a huge following of battle music enthusiasts.

What makes Two Steps From Hell so great is that there are so many great and diverse songs that fits what you enjoy listening to. If you’re into slow and sorrowful melodies, you might enjoy Blackheart, Star Sky, or After the fall. While if you’re into fast-paced battle songs, you would like Invincible, Black Blade, and Sons of War.

If you want a list of the best Two Steps From Hell songs, head over to Epic Battle Music’s Top 12 Two Steps From Hell Songs of all time. 

2. Immediate Music

Notable Songs: Lacrimosa, With Great Power, Serenata Immortale.
Notable Albums: Trailerhead, Trailerhead: Saga, Trailerhead: Triumph

Immediate Music is another great band which also has a huge following of fans and produces a huge number of quality songs. Founded in 1993 by Jeffrey Fayman and Yoav Goren, Immediate Music specializes in high-end trailer-music for commercial motion pictures and their music has been featured in various movie trailers and video games.

Like Two Steps From Hell, Immediate Music has a plethora of epic songs you can choose from whether its for playing video games, making a video, or simply enjoying music. Some of their notable songs include, Lacrimosa Dominae, With Great Power, and Emergence of Empire.

3. Epic Score

Notable Songs: Creator of Worlds, Prepare For The End, I Still Have A Soul.

“Epic Score is a Los Angeles-based music production company owned by Gabriel Shadid and Tobias Marberger that concentrates on producing music geared towards trailers. Since the launch in 2006, Epic Score’s music has been licensed into many film trailers, game trailers, television themes, network promos, inside games and more.”

Epic Score is another great band to listen to if you’re in need of some epic battle music. They’re known for their strong vocals such as in Creator of Worlds and Prepare For The End and many other great tracks.

4. Audiomachine

Notable Songs: Guardians At The Gate, Breath and Life, Akkadian Empire.

Launched in the fall of 2005, Audiomachine has quickly become the “go to” choice for many producers, editors and music supervisors in search of the perfect cue for their next blockbuster movie campaign.

Their most notable song is Guardians At The Gate followed by Breath and Life.





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