Introducing the best, top 12 greatest, most epic, and totally badass Two Steps From Hell songs of all time. Listening to Two Steps From Hell makes anything and everything much more epic from playing video games, fighting imaginary ogres in your front yard with your tennis racket as your sword, or making out with your pillow. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Everybody knows (or at least should know) that when it comes to epic music, Two Steps From Hell reigns as the top in the business. Formed by Thomas Bergesen and Nick Phoenix back in 2006, they continue to make epic music for your ears to enjoy.

So without further ado, here is the top 12 Two Steps From Hell songs OF ALL TIME!!


12. Blackblade

Although it starts off slow, it begins to buildup and near the end, becomes pretty dang epic, you can feel the tension as it reaches the climax. An ideal song for when everything is on the line and you cannot possibly afford to lose.

The extended version I made is better as it prolongs the second half of the song which is the most epic part.


11. Protectors of The Earth

The title of the song should make it automatically epic and the quality of this track holds to it’s epic title name. Just look at the 38 million views on youtube this badboy has which would make it one of Two Steps From Hell’s most popular songs.   Ideal for listening to when you’re saving Earth from whatever threat there is such as zombies, alien cyborgs, or feminazis.


10. Archangel

Archangel wastes absolutely no time building up; this track is epic and high powering from the get-go. Although it’s short, it packs quite a punch and the best part is the very end of the song.

Archangel is ideal for situations where you have to complete an objective or be somewhere with very little time left. An example would be you need to defuse the bomb in call of duty search and destroy with only 25 seconds left as you’re being shot at or a fat guy running for the door of mcdonalds as it’s about to close down.


9. El Dorado 

This is one of those track where you feel like it’s a combination of two different songs. Nevertheless, it has a nice blend of uniqueness mixed with an epic motivational second half.

It starts off with violins and almost has a desert feel to it and begins to slowly build up until the halfway point where it changes keys and introduces us to another song.


8. Blackheart 

Blackheart is unique in that it’s more appropriate in situations where you’re losing rather than winning. It’s sad and emotional with a strong melody which also makes it very beautiful and epic.

Blackheart is ideal in situations where you know you’re going to lose or die, and you’re making your final stand because you won’t go down without a fight.


7. Strength of a Thousand Men 

At 2 minutes and 20 seconds, it’s short by battle music standards but nevertheless is quick and catchy. Thankfully there are dozens of extended versions out there which you can listen to which I will be showing you.

It’s something you would listen to before the start of a battle or competition to get you motivated such as if your team is going to the Superbowl.  How about them Chiefs?   No?  I guess not then…

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