Stallion by Two Steps From Hell is an epic battle song created by Thomas Bergersen who is known for being one of the major composers of the well-known and highly renowned composers in epic music, Two Steps From Hell. Featured as the twelfth track in their latest album Vanquish, Stallion is a combination of a strong melody, a strong beat, and a diverse range of chords and instruments. One could argue that Stallion is one of Two Step From Hell’s best songs released in quite a long time. It’s incredibly epic!

Starting off slow, Stallion quickly transitions into the melody in a slight and subtle way as if trying to spark our curiosity into listening in the hope that our ears are rewarded. At around the the 1 minute and 30 second mark is when the melody is introduced again but this time more dramatic and with a stronger beat and a key change before finally hearing the grand finale at the end of the song with an even more dramatic melody and finish.

My honest opinion is that Stallion is by far the best song on Two Steps From Hell’s newest album and even one of their better songs released thanks to it’s strong melody and diverse range of sounds. Multiple instruments are heard from a beautiful combination of electric guitar and organs near the middle of the track, to the trumpets which sings out the melody, all the way to the vocals which also provides melody but also adds it’s distinctive flavor into the mix. It also sounds similar to other great songs such as Flight of the Silverbird, Norwegian pirate, and El dorado by Two Steps From Hell.

So ladies, gentlemen, and aliens, behold is the amazing and totally awesome Stallion. I recommend listening when you’re playing video games, doing your homework, masturbating, taking a massive dump, or cleaning your room. Trust me you wont be disappointed. 😉

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